What is a Stone Sealer? | 3 Things to Know

If you are asking yourself, what is a stone sealer, the answer is Maltese Stone Sealer, suitably selected and used, is incredibly beneficial in the preservation, maintenance, and longevity of a stone installation.

What is a Stone Sealer?

Stone sealers are water-based or solvent-based. The water or solvent operates only as a carrier rallying the sealer parts into the stone. Both runners are short-lived after having the sealer in the stone. The water experiences genuine evaporation while the solvent sparkles off quickly. st. The truth is that although there are slight differences associated with application processes and curing times, rendition levels can be comparable.

what is a stone sealer?

Does Stone need to be sealed?

Yes, it needs to be sealed, here are some important attributes the sealer must has:

  • Stain Resistance
  • Breathability
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Alkali-resistant,
  • Slip Resistance
  • UV Resistance

What is the purpose of Stone Sealer?

The preliminary function of our stone sealer is to supply stain resistance and water resistance to a permeable stone. To best understand the expectations of stone sealers, the word “resistance” should be viewed in terms of “response time.”

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