Factors to Consider Before Buying Concrete Sealer

Factors to Consider Before Buying Concrete Sealer 2

Factors to Consider Before Buying Concrete Sealer: Decorative concrete has always been a favorite flooring alternative for restaurants, retail stores, headquarters, galleries, automobile dealerships, academies, resorts, and even industrial buildings in Malta. So it is vital to apply a concrete sealer to protect the look and make it last longer. And what are the 4 factors to consider before buying concrete sealer?

Here’s a fast rundown of the most vital elements a business establishment owner or manager in Malta should consider when purchasing a sealer for decorative concrete to assist you in getting the most value for your money. Let’s look at the factors to consider before buying concrete sealer.

What are the 4 factors to consider before buying concrete sealer?

Factors to Consider Before Buying Concrete Sealer - 1. Concrete Sealer Types

The best available concrete sealers nowadays are divided into four distinct categories:

  • Acrylics are used to protect decorative concrete and improve its look. Acrylic concrete sealers are more suitable for commercial applications with short deadlines since they dry more quickly than other treatments.
  • Urethanes and Polyurethanes are made especially for regions with heavy traffic. Aliphatic polyurethanes offer one of the most outstanding solutions for the concrete floors of commercial buildings in Florida because of their exceptional resistance to Ultraviolet radiation, heat, water damage, spills, discolouration, and abrasion.
  • Epoxies, which can also withstand higher traffic found in most commercial settings. Epoxies often have restricted to the interior, in contrast to other sealers that can be utilized indoors and outside projects.
  • Penetrating sealers are more suitable for exterior concrete surfaces, especially when you prefer a matte finish.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Concrete Sealer - 2. Compatibility of the Sealer

We must consider the decorative surface treatment and the sealer’s compatibility to prevent potential threats to a concrete floor’s structural and aesthetic integrity, such as a lack of adhesion that could result in bubbles and colour bleeding in the sealer.

However, before choosing the sealer, the exposure circumstances should also be taken into consideration by you for decorative concrete.
Since the sealer serves as a sacrifice layer, it’s best to pick a product that can protect your property from everyday wear and tear while demanding low maintenance.

For example, you require a sealer in a commercial structure in Malta that can:

Resist the deterioration brought on by high traffic, stop moisture and water from penetrating the concrete floor, and offer sufficient defence against various stressors, such as UV radiation, high temperatures, grime, grease stains, harsh chemicals, abrasion, etc.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Concrete Sealer - 3. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

Commercial paint contractors advise using water-based sealers rather than solvent-based ones for interior applications.
High-quality water-based products have reduced VOC levels and a superior all-around performance profile, in contrast to solvent-based sealers, which emit hazardous substances that may harm human health.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Concrete Sealer - 4. Maintenance

The producers of decorative concrete sealers each have their maintenance suggestions.

For commercial structures, it is advised to check the surfaces every six months and reapply a coat of sealer for concrete once a year. However, the frequency of maintenance activities depends on the manufacturers’ instructions and exposure conditions.

Always make sure to check the above-listed 4 factors to consider before buying concrete sealer for your project. If you want to get a new floor that will be clean, modern, and can transform your entire commercial facility. Get professional help to protect your property from KIBITEC.

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