Concrete Sealer | What is it? And do we need to apply it?

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Concrete could be termed the king of building materials. It is used for building everything from tiny homes to commercial buildings and all other infrastructure. One of the biggest reasons for concrete’s popularity is that it is highly durable, resistant to erosion, and can withstand all weather conditions. But at the same time, if not maintained correctly, the damage could occur from moisture exposure over time, and mould and bacteria buildup could damage life. So how can I protect my concrete walls? The answer is to use a suitable sealer for your walls.

What is a concrete sealer?

Concrete sealers are recommended to make your plain or decorative walls look attractive for a long time. The sealers will protect the walls from damage caused by weather, spills, etc. It ensures the surface is well protected and maintained for a good period. A good sealer will increase the life of concrete, protect against damage, and preserve the appearance. Concrete sealers are mostly moisture and stain-resistant, making it easier to maintain the walls.

Concrete sealer | VB-1: How does it work?

Concrete wall sealer VB-1 helps to retain the original colour. It will reduce the absorbability of the substrate to protect the minerals and porous substrates of concrete walls against water. It ensures protection against water and the penetration of harmful chemical compounds dissolved in water into the material structure. Concrete wall sealer VB-1 improves the resistance to efflorescence and the development of biological contamination.
VB-1 is alkali resistant, durable, UV resistant, and solvent free. It doesn’t degrade the properties of the protected material.

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