5 Reasons To Use A Water-Based Concrete Sealer

Reasons To Use A Water-Based Concrete Sealer 2

5 Reasons To Use A Water-Based Concrete Sealer

We can expect heavy rainfall in Malta! It is time to consider building the new stamped patio you’ve always wanted or repairing the worn-out driveway. In either case, you must choose whether to use a water-based concrete sealer or a solvent-based sealer, which is crucial. These are the top 5 reasons to use a water-based concrete sealer on your upcoming project:

Reasons To Use A Water-Based Concrete Sealer - 1: No potentially dangerous vapors are released into the air

VOC (volatile organic compounds) content is lower in water-based sealers than in typical solvent-based sealers. It indicates that it is less damaging to both the environment and the person utilizing the product. Because of this, water-based sealers are the “go-to” option, particularly if your job calls for using a sealer in a confined location.

Reasons To Use A Water-Based Concrete Sealer - 2: Simple and minimize or avoid some of the most typical sealer issues.

How simple is it to fix common sealer issues like bubbling, chipping, and roller marks? As long as you adhere to the manufacturer’s recommended coverage rates and observe any weather requirements for application (generally, a temperature above 50° f and no excessive moisture for 24 hours is ideal), you can (it is always recommended to back roll any roller marks anyway).

Additionally, water-based concrete sealers do not flash dry on warm days, which is a significant reason why solvent-based sealers have surface flaws.

Reasons To Use A Water-Based Concrete Sealer - 3: Doesn't discolour concrete

Water-based sealers typically lighten concrete more than solvent-based sealers do. Although water-based sealers might give your concrete a more natural appearance, this can be perfect when you have an artistic effect in mind. When working with grey, uncoloured concrete, this is great. Certain water-based concrete sealers, such as concrete Walls Sealer VB-1, are ideal for decorative and non-decorative applications.

Water-based sealants like concrete Walls Sealer VB-1 give concrete a delicate, natural finish by darkening it just enough to enhance any added colour but not enough to give it an entire wet appearance.

Reasons To Use A Water-Based Concrete Sealer - 4: High gloss and matte finishes are available

Polymers (solids) suspended in a water solution are the primary component of water-based sealers. The polymers begin to alter shape and fuse together as the sealer is applied, and the water evaporates. A continuous translucent coating is created using this method. The concrete is not only shielded by this covering, but it also gets its shine or gloss from it.

The finishes of water-based concrete sealers range from matte to high gloss, but solvent-based sealers typically have a glossier look. There is a water-based sealer available for every aesthetic preference.

Reasons To Use A Water-Based Concrete Sealer - 5: More affordable.

Water-based Concrete sealers are not only more reasonably priced to buy, but they are also less expensive to use. In contrast to solvent-based sealers, water-based solutions can be sprayed with a low-cost plastic sprayer or even a short-nap paint roller. By doing this, you can avoid spending a lot of money on a metal sprayer with chemical-resistant gaskets that you might never use again.

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