Heavy Duty Cleaner Tips and Reccomandations

heavy duty cleaner

Heavy Duty Cleaner Tips

Ceramic, concrete, and clinker are the most famous materials on demand today. Their many beautiful designs and colourings and impressed with their almost unpaired durability and longevity. from floors to walls, cement tiles arrive with many advantages that outlast both ceramic tiles and hardwood floors.

While these materials have been established to last many, many years, they still need regular cleaning and occasional tile-specific care to remain healthy and beautiful. Follow our handy guide for cleaning and preserving ceramic, concrete, and clinker, and you’ll be able to keep the original impression and structure of your tiles for a very long time, with no fading, scratching, or cracking.

Heavy Duty Cleaner Tips | Care Tips

Ceramic, concrete, and clinker aren’t hard to keep, but they do require some essential cleaning and maintenance to keep their attractiveness and handcrafted charm. The first item to clean your cement tiles regularly utilising clean water and a neutral cleaning solution.

To keep these materials looking at their best, make sure not to let any type of liquid sit on the tile surface. Clean up any spills instantly and dry the cement tiles fully with a clean cloth to preclude stains and endless damage. Given that cement-like marble and other real stone – is a porous material that absorbs liquids easily, over time, liquids like wine, soda, vinegar, and even water that is left to accumulate, can stain the tile.

One easy way to maintain is to place mats near doors to prevent the wear and tear of heavy footwear and usage.

For ceramic, concrete, and clinker in high traffic areas or outdoors, you may need to refinish them more regularly to maintain their shine. Similar to natural stone, it can be refinished with a fine grit (e.g. 600) wet-dry sandpaper to release a micro top layer to expose a fresh layer of colouring below the surface.

heavy duty cleaner

Cleaning Dos and Don’ts

Follow these procedures when cleaning up falls on your cement tiles:

  • Clean tiles daily to dust away dirt and residue
  • Wash tiles weekly to monthly with water and mild pH-neutral soap to buff away any dried residue before it sets in and evolves into a stain
  • Never use an acid-based cleaning solution or bleach on cement tiles because they can model away at the sealer and damage the cover of the tile.
  • Evade using detergent because it can leave debris on the tile that is difficult to clean and can draw dirt and debris.
heavy duty cleaner

Recommendations | Before using a heavy duty cleaner

  • For a concentrated product, it should be used diluted in water.
    Before cleaning, be sure to use safety equipment such as safety glasses and gloves.
  • Carry out the application in good light.
  • Temperature/humidity when performing work: up to 30°C /85%,
  • Heavy Duty Cleaner D-4 – is not allowed to come into contact with metal surfaces, galvanic and paint coatings, plaster and other surfaces made of materials absorbing water and water solutions.
  • Determine dilution ratio depending on level and type of contamination. 1:5 up to 1:1 ratio is recommended to be used.
  • Depending on the degree of soiling, use appropriate dilution with water – recommended proportions from
  • 1:5 to 1:2. Most common proportion – 1:4. For glazed and polished tiles- 1:4, 1:5.
  • It can be applied with a brush, mop, spray, sponge, scrubber dryer etc.

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