How To Maintain Limestone?

How To Maintain Limestone 1

Before learning the tips and tricks of “How To Maintain Limestone?”, you should know more about the material and its properties. So let’s learn more about limestone, its cons and proper maintenance methods.

Limestone is mainly made of calcite and aragonite (crystallites of calcium carbonate, or “CaCo3”), together with other minerals such as pyrite, siderite, and quartz in trace amounts. It often develops in shallow, warm, transparent marine water from the deposition of small volumes of organic marine detritus such as coral and form skeletons.

Additionally, limestone is chemically generated as a buildup of calcium carbonate precipitation from water bodies, and the process of formation results in many variations of known limestone with different patterns on the rock.

Let us discuss how to maintain limestone.

How To Maintain Limestone: Limestone Tiles

Limestone tiles are a great option that will improve the look of any area. Limestone flooring will enrich both traditional and highly modern homes with its lovely natural colours and textures, creating a design that is wholly unique to you. Because of this, designers and homeowners alike are great fans of limestone flooring.

The secret to making your limestone floor look its best and ensuring that you will be rewarded with a floor that will be durable and long-lasting for years to come is maintenance. Because limestone flooring requires little upkeep, it is perfect for use in the house and public and commercial spaces.


How To Maintain Limestone: Limestone flooring

As soon as your floor is installed, maintenance of limestone flooring will begin. Although it is softer than marble and has pores, limestone is highly durable. It is crucial that your limestone flooring is installed by an expert with experience working.

Due to the porosity, the maintenance of limestone flooring begins at installation, when it will be sealed with an impregnator-type stone sealer and then treated with wax to provide a waterproof surface and protect the stone.

The application of limestone will improve any room’s appearance. Limestone flooring is available in various finishes, from the rustic tumbled to the sleek contemporary honed. Your limestone flooring will avoid scuffs and scratches with proper upkeep.

The initial sealing of your limestone floor can help preserve the surface from damage, mainly if used in kitchens and bathrooms. Limestone reacts to some acids and liquids with compounds such as vinegar or citrus juice.


How To Maintain Limestone: Limestone Cleaning

After your limestone flooring has been placed, sealed, and waxed, maintaining it is relatively easy. To guarantee that all dirt and dust are removed while cleaning limestone flooring, your floor should be routinely swept with a soft broom or vacuumed.

Use a flat-bottomed mop with well-wrung water and a small amount of a pH-neutral cleaning agent specially designed as a cleaning liquid for limestone flooring for general maintenance. When mopping limestone flooring, carefully wipe up any extra water to prevent it from gathering and penetrating the stone. Then, let the floor air dry naturally.

Using mild alkaline products for cleaning is suitable for your limestone tiles. It will refresh the floor and will eliminate surface stains.
Your limestone flooring will look its best and remain in top maintenance condition if you reseal it. Depending on how much use and traffic your floor will see, resealing should be done every 7 to 10 years.

With the proper care and upkeep, your limestone tiles will not only be low maintenance and affordable but also have a distinctive beauty that will provide you pleasure for years to come.


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