Remove Oil Stains From Your Driveway

A spotless driveway looks cool but maintaining it that way is not easy, it is important to remove oil stains. Oil drips always make their way to the driveway wasting its beauty. Even a tiny oil drip will damage the look if your driveway is new. A little dirt is okay, but an oil leak’s black spots are harder to oversee. Concrete will absorb oil, but with a little effort, you can surely get rid of the oil stains. Read to find out how to clean oil stains from the driveway. Use cleaners to remove the stain from concrete to get oil off a driveway.

Remove oil stains using household supplies

Everyday household products such as baking soda, dish soap, and even laundry detergent are excellent at tackling mild oil stains. Here’s how to use household items to remove oil stains on a driveway.

Start by absorbing any excess oil on the surface. The absorbing properties of cat litter make it ideal for this. Sprinkle cat litter over the oil stain and let it absorb the oil. Try to rinse off any remaining residue with water.

Once the excess oil is removed from the surface, give the stain a good scrubbing using baking soda and water. Then rinse with clean water. Baking soda’s alkaline nature is effective at dissolving grease and removing dirt.

Dish soap is another effective solution for oil stain removal on a driveway. Put some dish soap onto the oil stain, and scrub the stain with a brush. Then rinse away the soap with water. Replicate the process until the oil stain vanishes.

Keep in mind that rigid driveway materials like concrete and asphalt can withstand heavy scrubbing. So you may have to use elbow grease and a heavy-duty brush to remove the oil stains.

Using a Concrete Cleaner to remove oil stains

Old or tough oil stains require something more potent than dish soap or laundry detergent. Industrial-grade concrete cleaners can quickly and effectively remove oil stains from concrete driveways. One-time application is enough to remove fresh oil stains. The stain can be removed fastly with a couple of applications, even if it is an old spot.

The Heavy Duty Cleaner for tiles and Concrete |D-4 is formulated to be diluted before applying to the concrete floors or driveways but can also be used full-strength for removing difficult stains. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper usage of the product.

Here is how to clean oil off your driveway like a professional with The Heavy Duty Cleaner for tiles and Concrete |D-4,

  • First, soak off the excess oil with a rag or paper towel. For old stains, remove any loose dirt from the spot before proceeding to the next step.
  • Apply enough Oil Stain Remover OL-1 on the spot and let it sit for some time. Determine the time based on the toughness of the stain. 
  • Scrub the spot with a brush before applying water. Scrub again before washing off the cleanser entirely with plain water.

When using a Concrete cleaner, it is essential to follow the instructions cited by the manufacturer. The above is a broad procedure that must be customized/varied according to the product to remove oil stains.

Now you know different methods to remove oil stains on the driveway. The list is long, starting with commonly available household cleaning supplies to professional-grade cleaners like Oil Stain Remover |OL-1. You should choose a method depending on the toughness of the stain to obtain the best results. Always clean the stains sooner because fresh stains are easier to remove than old ones.  

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