How to remove mould and algae?

How to remove mould and algae

Your home is a status symbol. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small or a big, lavish one; it should be clean and should be a beautiful sight for the eyes. The same is applicable for all your other properties as well. Imagine having an important business meeting where you are about to close a huge deal. When clients are visiting your office, the interior, as well as the exterior, should be clean and good. So let’s see what is causing your property to look dull and dirty.

How to remove mould and algae?

Algae and mould are harmful to your property. Algae eat the limestone filler and organic matter on a home’s siding. And mould is a fungus that needs nutrients to survive. Algae and mould are different, but either is bad news for your house’s exterior.

Algae blow from one roof to another and feed on the limestone in your shingles. Algae leave a black residue, and later it streaks down the roof. If allowed to grow longer, algae could separate the granules in the shingles, which could cost you more money. Algae make your property look so dirty and unclean.

Mould is a fungus, and it produces spores. These tiny spores multiply quickly and cause health issues in asthma patients, and they also cause skin irritation, eye infection, and more. The dark spaces behind the house siding and roof shingles are the perfect breeding grounds for mould. And create stains and dark spots on the walls and ceilings.

What should you do to prevent algae and mould growth? | How to remove mould and algae

Our busy life might prevent us from spending time cleaning all the spots on our property. So, it is ideal for getting professional help from experts. KIBITEC has a solution for algae and mould problems.

The Heavy Duty Cleaner for Algae and Mould D-12 removes contamination from all types of polished and unpolished surfaces, such as granite, marble, travertine, sandstone, ceramic, terrazzo, concrete, flooring, etc. Our product is ideal for deep cleaning floors and walls in industrial kitchens, spas, swimming pools, walkways, showers, etc.
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