Easy steps to remove Algae

If a wall sealer has never been employed, exterior walls can be porous and deliver the ideal atmosphere for algae to flourish. And will ruin the appearance of your walls and cause harm by loosening brick and leading to expensive restorations. If you’re struggling to remove algae, this post is for you; KIBITEC has the best solution to combat this slippery mess. Please keep reading to find out how Algae grows, and learn about the best algae and mould cleaner to banish it from your walls.

Algae are organisms like plants that use sunlight to produce food from carbon dioxide and water. Many of them are directly related to plants, particularly the green kind, but the only distinction is that green algae have no natural stems, leaves or roots like plants. Algae is also present in the soil, transmitting spores through the air, which the wind will pick up and deposit over exterior walls and roofs. And Algae can grow on multiple surfaces, including children’s swing sets, fencing, porches, etc.

Black algae likely cause dark-looking streaks on your roof or external walls. They can survive harsh atmospheric conditions like wind, sunshine and cold temperatures and are incredibly stubborn to remove. On the other hand, green algae are slimy, smooth, and easy to clean, but if left untreated, they can quickly spread. You can also find green algae in dark areas with plenty of moisture.

Apart from making pathways and decking slippy, another hazard for walls is when it turns into lichen. This invasive algae growth can cause severe damage to walls, roofs and even buildings. Lichen can eventually corrode mortar and damage your walls and roof. In short, unless you want to rebuild your exterior walls every year, it’s time to stop Algae.

Easy steps to remove Algae

Easy steps to remove Algae - 1. Prepare the surface for treatment

Brush the wall surface to remove loose growths before using an algae cleaner. Inspect the wall and check for any damages like mortar or loose bricks; this will need to be rectified before applying a sealer. Trim the shrubs off the wall so light can reach the wall surface and dry it when it gets wet. Algae needs wet and shade to grow and multiply.

Easy steps to remove Algae - 2. Clean exterior surface walls with Heavy Duty Algae and Mould Cleaner | D-12

Heavy Duty Algae and mould Cleaner| D-12 is KIBITEC’s solution for removing algae. With this product, your external walls and roof will no longer be a victim of algae attack growth. Apply Heavy Duty Algae and Mould Cleaner| D-12 directly onto the surface, allowing it to act for a short period. Then thoroughly scrub the surface with a brush or a pad and collect the residues before rinsing with plenty of water. Remove the excess before the application of the sealer.

Easy steps to remove Algae - 3. Follow an algae remover with the best surface sealer.

After using Heavy Duty Algae and Mould Cleaner| D-12, a sealer is to be applied next to provide long-lasting protection for the property surface. KIBITEC recommends Concrete Wall Sealer VB-1, a sealer that will soak into the surface without ruining its appearance. As well as hindering the build up of algae and mould, this water-based product will protect against efflorescence, general weathering, and water ingress. It is also a ready-to-use and simple one-coat treatment.

Now you know what is causing the dark streaks on your roof and what is damaging your beautiful walls, and the 3 Easy steps to remove Algae.

Follow the 3 Easy steps to remove Algae, and treat your exteriors perfectly by applying the Heavy Duty Algae and Mould Cleaner |D-12

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