Antislip treatment for tiles

Antislip treatment for tiles 2

Antislip treatment for tiles: Winter is coming! The time of slippery floors is nearing. You must be aware of the dangers that the tile floors in your home could cost. When wet, the tile floors can also be dangerously slippery.

When the tiles are dry, you can use an antislip treatment for ceramic tiles on the surface and add some antislip treads or soft furnishings, like a rug or a runner.

Why is my tile floor so slippery?

There are many reasons why your floors are slippery, but the most common ones are:

  1. Dampness
  2. Oil residue
  3. Deposition of dust
  4. A disproportionate amount of floor cleaner or wax applied to the floor
  5. The foam produced by soap
  6. Cleaning floor with unmatched chemicals.

How do you treat slippery tiles?

As cited above, you must first inspect that floor tiles are not slippery because of the cleaning products. The soap residue left on the floor can make tiles highly slippery. So try to remove all the residue, and then consider using less soap in future cleaning. Consider more crucial changes if that doesn’t prevent your floor from being slippery.

Replace Old Floor Tiles

One of the most intense and costly alternatives is substituting your floor tiles. Replacing the tiles could be a reasonable decision if your tiles are damaged or old. And it is an expensive and tiresome procedure of making your floors safer.

Non Slippery Outdoor tiles

A definitive solution regarding outdoor projects is selecting natural stone tiles. Natural stone tiles are solid and versatile. 

Stone tiles can be used for every project, both outside and inside, and they can create a timeless look. Natural stone tiles come in numerous shades. You can get your favourite stone to accomplish a mélange outlook.

Antislip floor treatment

If the easy methods are not suitable for slippery floors, you may need to take it up a notch and use an antislip treatment for tiles on your floor.

An antislip floor treatment is usually a product you apply to your tile’s surface. It changes the properties of floor tile, resulting in a less slippery surface. Get professional help from Kibitec for antislip treatment for tiles to eliminate slippery tiles.

When performing antislip floor treatment for tiles, it is recommended to follow the guidelines in the user manual. First, clean the ceramic tiles with a cleaner. After that, let it dry for a few hours before applying antislip treatment for tiles. Also, invariably pursue the furnished safety guidelines in the product manual when utilizing the antislip treatment for tiles formula.

Another factor to check is whether the product will alter the floor’s appearance. As it changes the texture of your surface, your flooring will look less glossy than it looks now. 

Lastly, you want to ensure you get a quality antislip treatment product. Using a low-quality product would result in an odd final result or wears prematurely. If you are going to do antislip treatment, research properly and get a quality antislip professional treatment from Kibitec for long-lasting antislip tiles.

Make Bathroom Floors Less Slippery

Bathroom floors are likely to be highly slippery. As mentioned earlier, the first thing to check is for soap residues. In the bathroom, products like shampoo and soap can contribute to slippery tiles.

An antislip tile treatment can also make bathroom tiles a lot less slippery, 

Antislip treatment for tiles | R-9C

The antislip treatment for tiles R-9C microscopically alters the porosity and absorbency of the surface pore structure of the tiles. Our product contains inorganic surface activators and polymers that, on chemical reaction, produce permanent microstructures, which causes an increase in the kinetic coefficient of friction.

When surfaces become wet or moist, the antislip treatment for tiles R–9C is activated and immediately makes the surface slip-resistant. It is suitable for all floor tile surfaces: ceramic and porcelain tiles, terracotta tiles, and glazed ceramic tiles, on both indoor and outdoor flooring. Thus, it offers more grip and reduces accident risks.

This treatment is a controlled application that dramatically increases the grip of floors for bare feet, shoes, and all kinds of materials.

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