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Maltese stone sealer | VP-1

Maltese stone sealer VP-1 - Waterproof sealer - wall treatment with exceptional water repellent properties. Reduces the absorbability of the substrate. VP-1 is a high-performance, penetrating silane/siloxane blended water-repellent that provides long-lasting water repellency on stone and limestone walls. This water-based product is breathable, does not form a film, and does not alter the color or appearance of the surface. Protects most external and horizontal stone surfaces above the level. The natural color of the substrate and surface structures are not altered, with little or no shine created. Slight darkening can occur on dense surfaces. We recommend testing before treating any surface to ensure desired results. This product is designed to protect, waterproof, and seal stone and limestone walls once properly cleaned. Improves resistance to dirt and efflorescence.
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Heavy Duty Tiles and Concrete Cleaner | D-4

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Heavy Duty Cleaner for Algae and Mould | D-12 | Cleaning made easy

Heavy Duty Cleaner for Algae and Mould is a powerful water-based alkaline cleaner with selected organic and non-organic additives. Is designated to penetrate and clean even the heaviest deposits of fat, oily dirt, grease, soaps, algae, mould and mineral deposits.
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Hand Sanitizer Malta | Dezyn R-70 | The Most Advanced Hand Protection Formula

DEZYN R-70 is a ready-to-use hand sanitizer designed for hand disinfection in the medical, industrial, domestic, public, and food areas.
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Antislip Treatment for Ceramic Tiles | R9-C

Antislip Treatment for Ceramic Tiles is a water-based product designed to reduce the potential of slipping on wet surfaces by increasing the coefficient of friction of the treated areas without altering the floor's natural appearance.
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Surface Disinfectant | Dezyn P-72 | Safe and Fast Disinfection

Surface Disinfectant  DEZYN P-72 is an alcoholic biocidal disinfectant for surfaces, both in contact with food and not. For use in the medical area, public facilities, nursing homes, sanatoriums, fitness and SPA centers, hairdressing salons, beauty centers, massage centers, schools, nurseries, swimming pools, residential buildings. It is bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal.
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Concrete Walls Sealer | VB-1


 Water-based hydrophobic preparation that does not change original colour of substrate.

Reduces the absorbability of the substrate

Enhances resistance to dirt and efflorescence

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Oil Stain Remover for Floors | OL-1

Water-based preparation with high alkaline pH, produced on the basis of selected surfactants with the addition of organic solvent It is a very effective preparation for removing stains from new and old stains consisting of oils, greases and other petroleum-based substances.
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